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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Solutions 

Elgorithm’s offers various CSR solutions, where companies are provided with the option of sponsoring or funding a community project of their choice. Alternatively, if a company is looking to fulfill a specific mission, or focus on enhancing a particular UN sustainable development goal, Elgorithm will strategize a new initiative whose goals align with the proposed vision. This initiative will be designed and approved in coordination with the funding part, where Elgorithm will carry the project's strategy through as its implementing partner. 

Social Enterprise & NGO Consultancy 

Our consultancy services aim at amplifying an organization's social impact and assisting in the process of a project from ideation to implementation. This includes assisting throughout the funding process by connecting enterprises to our network of funders, as well as identifying potential grants, donors, or other financial solutions. Our goal through consultancy collaborations is to establish value-adding partnerships, introduce tools to develop new initiatives, measure and enhance social impact, as well as provide scalability strategies, and assist in managing social media channels.
Our social media channel management solutions for social enterprises aim to increase an organization's organic media engagement. In addition to creating brand-building campaigns to strengthen brand awareness and recognition.

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Our Services


Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Elgorithm's community projects & digital livelihoods program aims to sustainably increase the achievement of the UN SDG's within vulnerable communities in the MENA region. 

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