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It Starts Now
Elgorithm's 'It Starts Now' campaign aims to provide 70,000 vulnerable students in Lebanon's public, private & informal schools with vital access to mental health programs & resources. 

Individual Donors

If you're an individual interested in sponsoring a class or school's access to mental health programs you can learn more about our campaign here or contribute directly!

Lebanon is facing a national - political, economic, health - crisis among the world's worst since the 1850s. The price of food has skyrocketed with no access to basic electricity, fuel or medicine.

Elgorithm's Impact

Elgorithm is a Lebanese NGO that provides public, private, and informal schools with free access to mental health programs & services. We have partnered with 27 schools and 10,000 students since 2020 where our programs produced a 30% in youth wellbeing (WHO-5)

Corporate Sponsors & Employee Matching

As part of our corporate giving and employee matching model, you can find Elgorithm for Schools on Benevity by accessing our 

project page.

Lebanon's Mental Health Crisis

Currently, 90% of youth in Lebanon report struggling with their mental health while only 6% have access to services.

How You Can Support

With each $1,500 donation, you are supporting an entire school's access to mental health programs and resources. You can directly donate to our campaign here to support us in reaching 70,000 students! 

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