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Elgorithm for Schools

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"We believe in an educational system where students and teachers have constant access to quality psychosocial & mental health services in order to thrive with dignity." 

About Elgorithm for Schools 

Elgorithm for Schools is a digital platform providing schools with access to mental health programs and tools for access to quality education and higher education. Every partner school receives access to our 3 programs: (1) Omnia (2) Young Thinkers Program (3) Microsoft Digital Training 

90% of youth in Lebanon report struggling with mental health issues, while 6% have access to such services.

(Child Mind Institute, 2020; Maalof, 2019)




The Awareness & Prevention program is a vide0-based series offered in English & Arabic that aims to promote student recognition around commonly faced stigmatized issues, as well as connect them to the appropriate protection services, if needed. Issues covered include gender-based differences, sexual harassment and violence, substance use, and disordered eating. Additionally, all students receive direct access to resources and services offering free mental health support. 

By the Numbers


Schools integrated Elgorithm for Schools


Arab youth reached


Families supported in relief aid following the Beirut explosion

Our Goals 

Employing empirical evidence-based practices for improving students wellbeing while increasing access to mental health & protection services

Ensure youth in Lebanon’s access to mental health support, programs, and service

Guarantee youth’s direct access to free protection services against sexual violence, abuse, harassment, domestic violence, and substance use

Implement mindfulness skills to foster supportive school environments from a trauma-informed lens grounded in the Polyvagal Theory 

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