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Elgo for Schools

Evidence-based approaches for increasing student and school-wide well-being for ages 5 - 18. 

Our Program

Our team of psychology professors, clinicians, and researchers have worked to create our program that relies on a blend of evidence-based principles.

The curriculum is based on the fields of secular mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as well as social and emotional learning (SEL) in line with the CASEL framework adopted by the MENA’s regional education system.

Our programs rely on a multimodal immersive learning experience bringing in class & peer to peer discussions, along with a video series, activities & curated games. All of these are pre-packaged and available on our e-learning platform modified for your school’s needs.

Wellbeing & KHDA Quality Inspections

Our program measurement tools follow the same metrics of the KHDA annual well-being inspection. This allows our partner schools to gain a deeper understanding of their student and adult well-being scores while setting the optimum tools and mental health system infrastructure in place to improve KHDA inspection scores and ratings.

The core focus of our platform is to ensure that partner schools are supported in improving and maintaining their students’ & adults’ health, happiness, well-being, and relationships in the short and long term.

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The Power of Mental Health Programs in Schools


Increase in student's academic achievement & scores

(Bennett & Dorjee, 2015; Bóo et al., 2020)


Increase in prosocial behavior, along with a 50% decrease in suspensions

(Gerszberg, 2020).

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Impact Reach


Schools integrated Elgorithm for Schools


Youth reached


Increase in student
wellbeing (WHO-5)

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